Turmeric Superghee, Grassfed & Certified Organic

Why Turmeric Superghee

  • A unique fat-soluble turmeric preparation with the synergy of ginger and black pepper.

  • Each serving is made from 800 mg of organic turmeric powder. The turmeric powder used is naturally rich in curcumin.

  • Traditionally, turmeric is always cooked in ghee or another oil/fat.

  • This is the right way to incorporate turmeric in your diet.

Batch-tested to contain less than 0.25% lactose, less than 2.5 ppm milk proteins (casein and whey), and less than 5.0 ppm gluten.

Ingredients: Grass-fed organic cultured gheeorganic turmeric root powderorganic ginger root powder, and organic black pepperContains: Milk.

Size: 7.5 oz (212 g)

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